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Harriet Dafoe
Louise I am one of two members of our very small "team" we call 4Moon Visual. We are a couple of free spirits who are interested in creating visual novels, and experimenting with stories, art, and interactive possibilities. I have been involved in creating art since I can remember, but like most people who are involved in making art, I've always had a "day job". I do all of the art for our projects, and help Lewi with some of the writing.

Though I am a serious introvert, people and their stories have always fascinated me. There is nothing better than a story, unless it is visual, and even better if it's fun.

Lewi LeNoire
Lewi I take care of technical work and writing. Harriet and I live in western Canada. We love the snow, which is a good thing since we have a great deal of it. Winter is a lovely, mysterious season. It's dark, and quiet, and very beautiful. Many people dream of sandy beaches. Harriet and I dream of snowflakes.
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Harriet Dafoe
Lewi LeNoire


Mystery at Badger Villa / visual novel
Best Bakeshop Challenge / visual novel


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